Gedenkstätte für die in der Shoah ermordeten Juden Österreichs / Memorial to the austrian jews who were murdered in the Shoah


The “Namentliche Erfassung” (Gathering of Names) of the Jewish children, women and men of Austria who were murdered in the Shoah, was begun in 1995 as a Government Project, in accordance to a directive by the then Chancellor of Austria Dr. Franz Vranitzky and the Deputy Chancellor Dr. Erhard Busek.

The Research efforts were conducted by an historical institute known as the Documentations Archive of the Austrian Resistance (DÖW). After fifteen years of intensive, dedicated activity, the DÖW Data Base of Shoah Victims contains over 64,000 Names. The DÖW knows that a further 1,000 people were murdered, but their Names have been lost.

All the Names in the DÖW Data Base of Shoah Victims will be engraved on the Memorial Walls of Names, in the format:

FAMILY NAME, First Name, Year of Birth.

To confirm that the Name of an Austrian Shoah Victim does in fact appear in the DÖW Data Base, refer to the instructions under FAQS (frequently asked questions).