Gedenkstätte für die in der Shoah ermordeten Juden Österreichs / Memorial to the austrian jews who were murdered in the Shoah


Construction work on the Shoah Wall of Names Memorial was started in March 2020. At first it consisted mainly of preparatory work. Under the Ostarrichi Park there are two underground garages. It was necessary to reinforce the roof covering of both, to prevent the weight of the Walls of Names from causing fractures. Garage exhaust systems also had to be removed from the Memorial site. Those renovations were completed at the start of November 2020. Since then, the foundations for the Walls of Names have also been set.

The Walls of Names are made up of 180 “Kashmir Gold” granite slabs. Each slab is 1 m wide and 2 m high. They were produced in India and arrived in Italy in November 2020, where they were checked and polished. They arrived in Vienna in December 2020.

The engraving of the over 64,000 Names will be done in the stone merchant’s workshop, with computer controlled equipment and is expected to take about 6 months. Being independent of the weather, the engraving can be carried on throughout the winter.

Starting in the Spring of 2021, the granite slabs with the engraved Names will be taken to the Ostarrichi Park and installed on the foundations. The Memorial is scheduled for completion in September 2021.

To celebrate the fact that construction of the Memorial has been steadily underway, a Groundbreaking Ceremony was held in the Ostarrichi Park on June 22nd 2020. Since this event, a number of media reports have been published about the Shoah Walls of Names Project. Deutsche Welle (DW), a major European media agency, published a very informative report, which is available in English.

The official Inauguration Ceremony of the Memorial has been scheduled for Sunday October 17th 2021. It is expected to be a major international event.