Gedenkstätte für die in der Shoah ermordeten Juden Österreichs / Memorial to the austrian jews who were murdered in the Shoah


Dr. Erhard Busek
Deputy Prime Minister of Austria 1991 – 1995
Chairman of the Institute for Danube Nations and Middle Europe

Vienna City Councillor David Ellensohn
Chairman of the Green Party in the Vienna Regional Council

DI Dr. Franz Fischler
President of the European Forum Alpbach
Federal Minister of Agriculture and Forestry 1989 – 1994
European Union Commissioner for Agriculture 1995 – 2004

Dr. Eric R. Kandel
Professor and Director, Kavli Institute for Brain Science
Department of Neuroscience, Columbia University
NOBEL Prize 2000. Honorary Citizen of Vienna

Deputy in Parliament Kai Jan Krainer
Finance Spokesperson for the SPÖ

Dr. Ernst Löschner
Initiator and Chairman, Alpine Peace Crossing
APC, Society for Aid to Refugees
Golden Honour Award of the Austrian Republic 2002

Dr. Robert Menasse
Author and Public Affairs Commentator

Dr. Anton Pelinka
Professor of Nationalism Studies and Political Science
Author and Political Commentator

Dr. Johanna Rachinger
Director General, Austrian National Library

DDr. Oliver Rathkolb
Professor at the Institute for Contemporary History,
University of Vienna

Dr. Anton Zeilinger
Professor of Physics, University of Vienna
Scientific Director,
Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Data
President, Austrian Academy of Sciences